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Online educational courses

A group of educational technical courses online via WhatsApp and Telegram and in academic methods with highly qualified trainers

From our courses:

Painting with all materials

Arabic fonts + improve regular writing

Graphics, Max and Zipper

Editing and Animation.

resin art

deco bag

mandala art

bridal industry

the art of colling

 Features of our courses

Exclusive serial videos that suit the student’s level and have a clear explanation 

 Following up with the student on a continuous basis, adjusting his work and giving him important tips that enable  him to develop in the department in which he is learning

Flexibility in time with the student and our courses are mainly for the busy

Follow-up with the student after graduating from diplomas

 An accredited certificate from the Arab  Forum for art

 The participation of distinguished students in the art exhibitions held by the Arab Art Forum

After paying for any course, you can contact us via WhatsApp to be added to the course on the following number:

00967735003796 You can also contact us before payment to give you more details and other payment methods

Write your triple name, state and course name, attached copy of payment

See more and samples from our former students on Facebook via this link

A comprehensive Arabic calligraphy diploma for seven Arabic fonts with professional calligraphers in calligraphy and training methods  Each month, you will learn the rules of Arabic calligraphy and writing skills...for each of these types of Arabic calligraphy, they are:(Raq’ah, Naskh, Diwani, ..
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