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Graphics Diploma

Graphics Diploma
Graphics Diploma
Graphics Diploma
Graphics Diploma
Graphics Diploma
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Graphics Diploma

Be aware and professional of all online design programs

  Comprehensive graphics diploma on the most important programs (Photoshop - Illustrator - InDesign)

You do not need to go to the institute, learn with us while you are at home and from any country and at any time that suits you for the application..

You will also obtain an accredited certificate from the Arab Art Forum after completing the diploma...

Coach Mr. Hussein Bin Yahya

A professional and distinguished trainer in delivering information very smoothly to students and with the testimony of all previous students with us, a trainer for more than 12 years in many universities and institutes

We will start with you with the first course of the diploma


Course Themes ⏪

 Familiarize yourself with the program's interface

And how to customize it and change it as we need

 Explanation of the program's beginner and advanced menus and tools..

Dealing with the riyal system

 Image processing and merging to get different and attractive images...

 Writing and texts..

 How to save the work and prepare it for printing.

 Design an advertising poster at the end of the course by following the rules and basics of design.

2️⃣ Illustrator:

⏪Course themes

 Learn about the program interface and how to customize it and change it with what we need.

What are the main differences between it and Photoshop.

Using the main tools

 Using the pen tool.

 Customize the brush and make a brush with special settings and different shapes

Drawing complex shapes and how to merge them together and install them.

Working with texts and writing.

How to design logos and graphics

3⃣ InDesign:

⏪ Course topics:

Program interface.

 Using the program's tools and explaining the menus.

 Template pages and how to add them.

 How to number and prepare pages.

 Dealing with the image and how to combine it with texts.

 Writing and coordinating the program, tables, and how to control them.

 Final file export and save


 Date: After the number is complete

 The price outside Yemen is $70 for a diploma


Duration: One month for each session, except for half a month


Time from 4 to 6 pm Yemen time

The timing may vary depending on the student’s agreement with the teacher

After payment, you can contact us on WhatsApp, or you can contact us on WhatsApp for more details and give you other payment options on the following link:

or 00967735003796

???? Send / Graphics Diploma + your triple name + current country and residence...

You can join the Open Learning page through this link and see some of the students' work in many of our courses


 Also, join the Open Education channel on Telegram


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